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family series I

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one peculiarity...

"one peculiarity about this paper...it changes as the light changes" —Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wall-Paper. This design is based on a short story I read by Gilman many years ago. She writes about a woman trapped by the patterns of her life and trapped by the society she lives in. A woman who desperately tries to break free and be herself.

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e martë, 29 maj 2007

family dinners

This work traces my mother's depression over several years. I played with the idea of changing times by using the image of a "clock-plate." One of the major signs of depression is a change in one's routines. When you eat, when you sleep, etc. I'm also thinking of exploring this in terms of my brother ahmed. His sleep patterns dramatically change before he has a seizure. His last seizure was 5/25/07 pm. He slept almost 15 hours that day. © Ifaat Qureshi 2007.

portrait of ahmed

These photos were taken by my sister on her last visit to New York. She took them in one sitting. I felt they captured the essence of my brother, his many moods, and his Autism. © Ifaat Qureshi 2007.

family portrait series (4 of 8)

A design based on a collection of old family photos and family history. Left side, are my maternal great grandfather (seated) and my grand father (standing). I never met them. They both passed away before my parents were married. My parents appear on the right side. This picture was taken on their wedding. They were engaged for 3 years and met on their wedding day. I always bugged my mother about what could you possibly say to someone you meet and marry in one day. © Ifaat Qureshi 2007.